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Online or face to face lessons in Barcelona:

Emphasis is put on conversation & lessons will be tailored for you according to your abilities. We will work on a variety of skills, including: speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing.

Grammar. I support you to understand the reasons and the rules and how to apply them in real life situations in order to be able to communicate properly from the beginning.
Listening. I work with videos and MP3 so that you can listen to different accents to help you build your understanding of the language in different situations and at different speeds. 
Reading. I support you to read Spanish, not only to improve your language skills, but to help you learn more about how the language is structured and expand your vocabulary. Reading also helps you internalize the language.  You will read graded readers books made specially for Spanish learners and also graded texts with comprehension exercises. These will always be adjusted to your level of the language. 
Writing. I ask you to write in Spanish because I believe it is a great way of practicing, thinking and communicating in the language.
Speaking. Speaking together in Spanish is what we will do the most. I encourage speaking together from the first class, even if you are a complete beginner. I believe you must have a go at speaking the language early on, if you are going to learn it successfully. Don't be daunted, our conversations will always be playful and appropriate to your level of understanding! 

Through all of the above, you will learn to communicate confidently in any situation.


Face to face lessons are in Barcelona city

For online lessons:

I use a range of different applications to teach my lessons, such as: Appear.in, Skype or Hangouts (depending on your preferences).

Learn more about these application.- What do I need?
If you need any help with any of these applications, I will be more than happy to help you, for free, to set up whatever we need for the lessons.
With all these applications I can share documents for the lesson witth you on the screen. And also I can write you instant messages as if I was writing on a blackboard in a real life lesson.
I will send you homework by email before or after the lessons when it is needed and we can work on documents simultaneously through Google Drive. 
Homework is given (at an amount that fits with your schedule). Homework is not compulsory but I will encourage you to do as much as possible. The more you do, the more you will improve your learning.