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It is my responsibility to adapt the content of my lessons to the right level for each student and plan the most suitable content at the appropiate time. 

I have found that teaching the right material in the right moment helps my students to progress more quickly and internalise the knowledge better.

I follow the Common European Framework of Language (CEFL)
CEFL is a European standard that serves to measure the level of comprehension and expression, both oral & written, in a particular language.  
It divides learners into 3 broad divisions ( A, B and C) that can be further divided into six levels ( A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2)
A1 Beginners
A2 Elementary
B1 Intermediate
B2 Upper-intermediate
C1 Proficiency 
C2 Mastery

I offer lessons from A1 to C1 in GENERAL SPANISH


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