What students say about Carme

Lessons with Carme are fantastic!

Not only are they fun and dynamic, they are also tailored to my specific needs as a language learner.

My favourite thing about Carme's teaching is that she is great at recognising your strengths and weaknesses and subsequently selecting the right materials for you. Studying with her is incredibly motivating as she provides you with the support you need to take on your language goals.


English Language Teacher, Brighton, UK.

I have been studying foreign languages with private tutors for years and when I met Carme for the first time 6 months ago, I was truly impressed by her exemplary teaching practices and the natural empathy she has for ab initio language learners, i.e. beginners!

Like any student taking on a foreign language for the first time, I was really nervous for my first lesson. However, within the first 5 minutes of our interaction, Carme’s calm and soothing presence helped me build confidence in navigating my thoughts and expressions in Spanish.

She is always so patient and will answer any question or qualms that you have regarding anything relating to the course content.

Additionally, her passion for teaching transcends all expectations I have as a private tutor for Spanish. When I want to be challenged, she will provide me with material that matches exactly my level of learning, which is crucial when one is studying a new language.

I always feel comfortable and open during our discussions, and she has a fantastic sense of humour which allows me to feel my absolute self in every single one of our lessons.

I have now known Carme for 6 months and would certainly recommend her to anyone who expresses a desire to learn Spanish.


Phil Pincus

Apple Store Leader Program


For those wishing to learn Spanish, I would strongly recommend consulting Carme Baulenas as someone who is able to assess and structure tuition to match the varying capabilities of all students.

I have always found her to be knowledgeable and fluent in understanding the nuances of English and how it translates effectively into Spanish. Her boundless enthusiasm make the lessons fun as well as challenging and ultimately, highly successful. I cannot recommend Carme Baulenas highly enough and fully endorse her as a Spanish Teacher.

I wish her every success in the future.


Bruce Turnbull


The Vulnerability Registration Service

CreditStrategies Ltd


I have been having individual Spanish lessons with Carme for over a year now and have really enjoyed the experience.

By tailoring her teaching to my individual pace and using a wide variety of materials, Carme makes the learning process both effective and enjoyable. She is patient, encouraging and thorough. I always look forward to the lessons and my Spanish has greatly improved as a result.

Learning with Carme continues to be a very rewarding experience and one which I would highly recommend.

Chrissey Sullivan
Digital Communications Manager

I am learning Spanish so my husband and I can travel through South America independently once we retire, but I have struggled to learn the language despite trying lots of different methods.

However since Carme has been tutoring me I have come on leaps and bounds.

She is so patient and encouraging, and never berates me when I forget something yet again! I look forward to and enjoy our lessons so much . They are fun and totally tailored to my needs - we chat in Spanish and then she highlights areas I need to improve and we concentrate on that for the rest of the lesson. She then emails me homework on the areas I am struggling with, and  this is reviewed at the next lesson. The homework is optional and fun, mainly watching short videos and answering questions on the content.

I meet a couple of Spanish ladies for coffee and language exchange, and they have remarked how much I have improved, and that I am more confident and relaxed when talking in Spanish.

I can recommend Carme without hesitation - she is a first class tutor who has improved my conversational Spanish so much.

Jane Purbrook

Medical Sales Representative

Carme is an excellent teacher of Spanish and is very sympathetic, patient and understanding. She is very good at setting a pace for learning appropriate to her students, both for conversation and writing.

My experiences with her have been one-on–one or as part of a group of two or three. They have all been good for learning, but one-on-one certainly improves conversation and understanding quickly.

I can whole heartedly recommend her if you want to enjoy learning Spanish.


Andrew Pearce

Formerly Technical Director of Energy Studies at Parsons Brinckerhoff (now retired)


I enjoy my Spanish lessons so much!

Carme is very encouraging and supports me in conversing in Spanish as much as possible, taking a real interest in what I want to say!

At the same time, she is meticulous about picking up relevant grammatical points and sets a good variety of homework tasks to develop increasingly accurate expression in speaking and writing.

Una profesora muy simpatica.


Sandra Morgan

Retired English Teacher


I found Carme on gumtree last year and have been having lessons with her ever since. She is such a brilliant teacher, so patient and helpful. She tailors the lesson for you and your language aims.

I used to be very self conscious when I spoke Spanish - Carme has not only improved my language skills but she has also increased my confidence when speaking.

I now think of her not just as my Spanish tutor but as a close friend. I will truly miss her when she leaves but will continue to have lessons with her online.

You would be 'loco/a' not to have her as your teacher ;)

Sidonie East

Student at The University of Sussex

International Development with Spanish

I immediately felt at ease when I first met Carme; and she has always made me feel relaxed in the lessons. Her teaching style is flexible and she pitches the lessons at the level of my ability. She is not only warm and encouraging but also professional. I find it extremely useful that she corrects everything I say and pushes me to use the correct sentence structure without it feeling imposing. She has a fantastic sense of humour and the learning environment is positive in that she never makes me feel undermined. When it is clear that I have not put much effort in to doing my homework she will let me know in a diplomatic manner! I have come across a few Spanish tutors and it is clear that her knowledge of Spanish grammar is of a high standard.

I highly recommend Carme and feel that she is a confident teacher. I have noticed that my Spanish has improved since I have been taught by her over the last few months; and if I had more time to study more I am sure that I could reach a higher advanced level with Carme's support.

Civil Servant

I have been having Spanish lessons with Carme for over 18 months now and she is by far the best teacher that I have had.

The lessons are always tailored to my individual needs and ability Carme is patient and enthusiastic when teaching and I feel that my Spanish has improved big time.

The most important thing with Carme's lessons are that they are fun and enjoyable which gives you the incentive to carry on. I always look forward to the next lesson and would definitely recommend Carme whether you’re a total beginner or fluent speaker.

Kevin Brown

IT Local Government


Carme is a very inspiring teacher who easily can create a thirst for wanting to know more and learn even faster.

There have been a few low times since I started studying with her and I always felt ignited by her passion for the beauty of her country, her country´s traditions and especially the Spanish language.

I can only recommend her as your Spanish Professora.

Sigrun Hoppmann